Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mexican Train!

Welcome to Sunday night games! Most Sundays, after a long day of doing nothingness we usually play some sort of game! My family is famous for our Phase ten games and Mexican train! My mom and dad love to play rook but have never took the time to teach me.....they are just scared that they will lose to a first timer!
Mom was very proud of her choice in domino's
He tried to seduce the didn't work!
Malese and the now apple sized Fetus
Just planing my next deadly move....clearly it didn't work because i lost!
This looks easier then it really is.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008


OK OK OK....i know i have not been the best at blogging, (i don't January good for the last blog?) but if it helps at work i look at blogs all day long!!! I know that's no excuse but i will sure try a lot harder now that i live at home and there is a computer that uploads pictures fast!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

bOwLiNg NiGhT

For Christmas break most everyone left the day their finals were over......they sure missed out!! All the cool people who had to work or didn't have a ride home yet went bowling! We decided bowling is going to be a weekly thing now (plus i now have a bowling class) needless to say, I'm going be become pro.....for sure!!!!
Superstar..... we both got a strike!
I wish i owned bowling shoes!!! They are the best shoes EVER, the glow in the dark colors, the fact that they have no traction........... no really i want some!
Hey i got a spare with this one.......i have talent
Not sure what I'm doing here..... i think I'm thinking of my next move, through the legs......right handed or left.....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Katie and Kilees photo shoot

Dont Mess!
I guess something was funny!
our rings were the only thing coming up red for this picture!
Ya we have our serious moments
dont ask......
Who parts their hair in the middle anymore???
Can you tell who is who???? Im telling you.... we are twins!
We love playin with our hair!
Dang we look hot! Talk about front page material
I love my Kilee
Yep thats me!!! Im a floating head! It looks like im stuck to the screen!
My three Teeth!
Ya, not a big deal!
Kilee got a new mac book!! Jealous.......maybe, but hey mark my words one day i will own a mac book! Mac books are amazing!!! Mainly this program on them, Kilee and i sat there for about a hour taking pictures of our self! When kilee and i get together lets just say its a hay day! We trick people to think we are twins..... but here we really do look like twins! We could really pull it off!

Friday, November 9, 2007

RoAd TrIp

After a Crappy week of tests and quizzes, Meighan, Kilee, Nicole and I, decided randomly that we were going to take a road we did! We didn't go far, gas is expensive so we ended up going to Rexburg! It was a quick trip, we all went and hung out with people that we knew going to BYU I, but some how Kilee, Meighan and I always end up together. We went camping! Keep in mind it is November....... ya it was freezing! We got a bunch of people together and had a blast! There is nothing like tin foil dinners, a huge fire, and a propane heater for our tent, and not to mention our blow up mattress! We camp in style!
Not to worry we did get the FAMILY size!
Driving through potato land.... (Idaho)
who would buy this.....seriously!
I never thought i would live to see the day Brian camp!
can you tell how many sweatshirts i have on? You cant see the last one but yes i have three sweatshirts on.....not including my 2 long sleeve shirts on underneath those sweatshirts!
don't worry those are jeans under my sweatpants!
We are good little campers!

Where's Waldo?

I never thought I would say this but yes I just might be to old to trick or treat..... so instead me and all my roommates went to the Howl, The Utah State Halloween dance.....(and yes rumors are true, most of the girls forgot their costumes......for the most part we were the only ones fully clothed!) We still had a good time, don't think i will go again! So we ended up coming back and watching scary movies till the wee hours of the morning! There should be a warning sign on the cover of "What lies beneath" that tell you to buy "DEPENDS" before hand........

Janelle-Wanda, waldos girl friend
Kilee-Poison ivy, from batman
Me- A Pirate!! dread locks and all
"Go Team"
My roommates....minus Jessie

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nintendo 64

Ok so i promise im not a failure at blogging...... my computer wouldnt down load my pictures, but no need to worry I have got it all under control, AND NOW I CAN BLOG!

So the boys across the hall got Nintendo 64..... needless to say not much studying has been going on...
The Gang!

dont you worry.... i am winning!

Jessie is nervous she will me

Jordan is really nervous.......

Kelvin just passed me.....

Chad and I got in a fight and I socked him in the face.....or he got hit by a football....Either one

Princess, Toad, Bowzer, Yoshi.......the whole gangs here!